Medis specials

Medis Specials was founded in 2005 with the intention to develop and commercialize highly innovative analytical software solutions that are to be used “for research purposes” only. These packages have not yet received CE or FDA approvals, but have been validated both internally as well as with key-opinion-leaders, in terms of accuracy and precision as well as robustness, and therefore are suitable for research applications. With these exciting new applications, innovative clinical research can be initiated. In the future, these packages may be registered for primary diagnostic purposes, and clinical decision making as well. The Medis Specials software has been developed in close collaboration with Medis medical imaging systems bv (, as well as with the Division of Image Processing (LKEB), Department of Radiology, Leiden University Medical Center (

Furthermore, Medis Specials can provide under the umbrella of ClinFact extensive support in carrying out clinical trials in which the Medis software is used.

Chambre of Commerce

Medis Specials bv is a limited liability company under Dutch law with its statutory seat in Leiden, the Netherlands, and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Leiden under registration number 28107209.

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